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Moss Grows Where Nothing Else Will Grow

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Our line of preserved moss walls are a perfect solution to a low light situation.  They require no light, no water and no maintenance.  With Biophilic Design on trend, these little bits of nature can provide easy-care solutions to help soften the darkest areas in your home or office landscape.

Beyond custom designs we offer the BioMontage frame system that allows for quick installation and the ability to change out various natural materials.  The frames come in three color options including black, white and anthracite.  Choose from various shades of reindeer moss, pole moss and long moss, natural stone, or poplar bark.

While these frames are a beautiful way to connect your space with nature, they also have amazing acoustic properties.

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Moss wall

Custom Design Preserved Moss Wall

At Petals + Frond, we offer an assortment of natural art designs that are catered to suit your needs. Bring a bit of nature indoors with these easy care solutions.
Our moss walls are made using only high quality materials and can include decorative elements of preserved & artificial foliage.

Faux Succulent Wall

Custom Design Faux Succulent Wall

If you’re looking for an alternative to live plants, there’s no better way to express your brand creativity than with a faux succulent wall from Petals + Frond. 
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