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Welcome to Our Fronds

We enhance interior environments with live plants and biophilic elements, custom presented with flawless service by a team of plant maintenance professionals.

  • office plants & flowering rotations

  • botanical styling & design

  • living walls & moss wall art

  • horticultural maintenance services

  • floral design & lobby arrangements

  • holiday décor

Contact us today for complimentary design consultation.



Tropical plant living wall

Botanical Styling

Enhancing built environments with the benefits of indoor plants.  Contact us today to book a complimentary consultation to see how we can improve employee happiness, morale and productivity with living plants and/or biophilic elements.  


Tropical plant living wall

Plants & Containers

With a vast selection of decorative containers and tropical plants, we will work with your designer or meet you on site and choose the best style to enhance your environment.

Pothos Pole


Horticultural maintenance is key to keeping your interior plants happy, healthy & fresh.

Our guaranteed maintenance services include watering, pruning and cleaning to keep your plants working healthy and thriving.

Premium Orchid Rotations

We have made it our mission to provide state-of-the-art Orchid arrangements for every occasion. Our Premium arrangements are offered with your interests in mind.  Our corporate rotation program is a seamless way to brighten your office space.
Delivering to Beaverton, Hillsboro and the surrounding Portland metro area.

Call today for a design consult to discuss options for your space.

Orchid Display


Our carefully curated plants and decorative containers compliment every space and are a cheerful addition to any home or office. 

Send a plant or one of our luxurious Orchid arrangements as a splendid gift that will last far beyond the season or the reason.

Shop online or call to customize your gift.

assorted foliage bowl.jpg
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