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International Plantscape Awards

We are honored to have been awarded a PLATINUM 2023 International Plantscape Award for our Portland residential living wall project called Mooonridge.

The International Plantscape Awards recognizes outstanding achievements in interior plantscape design, installation, creativity, renovation, and innovation. These awards celebrate the strides of interior plantscapers to connect people with plants in remarkable ways.

When you live in the Pacific Northwest a glass roof atrium is the ultimate retreat. This residential home perched atop the West Hills in Portland was custom designed by the homeowner who had a grand vision of being surrounded by lush tropical gardens. With tall ceilings and a narrow foot print, the challenge was to incorporate lush foliage while not sacrificing any floor space.

For this, the team at Green Living Technologies designed and manufactured a custom Plug & Play living wall system to hug the 68 degree curved wall on the second floor. An additional 3’ X 14’ tall living wall system was also proposed to provide a dramatic display of foliage spanning two floors that would allow the homeowner to view from his second floor master suite.

The plant palette was designed to highlight the sensual curve of the wall. We chose plants that would maintain a slim growth profile to accommodate the tight egress and provide a calming, serene walk with nature from the sleeping quarters on the second floor.

Using over 400 6” trailing plants, a mix of hardy green Epipremnum Pothos and Philodendron cordatum varieties, a meandering curved line of chartreuse neon Pothos draws your eye around the curve.
From the second floor, you see the juxtaposition from these clean, tidy lines of the curved wall to a textural jungle of 138 6” plants spilling nearly two stories.  Large leaf Philodendron  with their draping air roots and textural kangaroo fern (Microsorum diversifolium) fronds spring from the surface providing a textural jungle against a beautiful Pacific Northwest backdrop.
With long term success in mind, both systems are plumbed with irrigation and drainage and the home is now equipped with automatic window blinds to help soften any harsh late afternoon sun. Our horticultural maintenance program is vital to maintaining the artful beauty and health of this living art.

Most importantly, having added the most coveted of all the biophilic design elements, plants, to his home; the homeowner has seen an increase in well-being, creativity and says he even breathes better! We call that a win!


If you would like to learn more about living walls contact us for a free consultation!


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